Upgrade Firmware on Zebra Devices with LifeGuard OTA

Before you begin

Register a Zebra LifeGuard OTA account for your SOTI MobiControl instance. For procedure, see Register Zebra LifeGuard OTA Account.

Enroll your Zebra devices into the LifeGuard OTA upgrades. For procedure, see Enroll Zebra Devices for LifeGuard OTA Firmware Upgrades.

About this task

To upgrade firmware on a Zebra device:


  1. In the console, find the required device or devoice group and select Upgrade Firmware from the Device Actions menu to display the Upgrade Firmware dialog box (see Upgrade Firmware (Zebra OTA)).
    In the dialog box the selected devices are grouped based on their model and current firmware version.
  2. From the Target Firmware drop-down list, select the required firmware version for each of the device groups.
  3. Click Upgrade Firmware.
    The upgrade starts.
  4. Optional: Monitor the upgrade status in the Device Information panel, under the Firmware Upgrades section of the Device Details tab.
    If the firmware on the selected devices is upgraded as requested, a success message appears. If any of the selected devices fail to upgrade as requested, a warning message appears at the bottom of the dialog box. You can expand it to see the failure details.