Displaying Notifications for Lockdown Menu Items

About this task

Note: This feature is only supported on Android devices.

To configure Lockdown to display notifications for apps authorized for use in Lockdown Mode:


  1. Instruct your device users to grant the SOTI MobiControl agent notification access permissions.
    The location of this setting differs across operating system variations. Common paths include:
    • Settings > Apps and Notifications > Advanced > Special App Access > Notification Access
    • Settings > Apps > Configure Apps > Special Access > Notification Access
    • Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Notifications Access

    Also try searching "notification access".

    Note: Ignore this step on Android Enterprise devices as permission is granted silently via SOTI MDM plugins.
  2. In the SOTI MobiControl Console, create a profile that contains a Lockdown profile configuration.
  3. In the Lockdown profile configuration dialog box, click New to open the Add Menu Item dialog box.
  4. In the Add Menu Item dialog box, copy action://net.soti.mobicontrol.VIEW_NOTIFICATIONS into the Package Name or Script File or URL field. Fill in the rest of the fields.
    Note: Remember the position of this menu item in the menu item list.
  5. Add the rest of your menu items to the lockdown profile configuration.
You can also edit the Lockdown Menu Template to display a notification count.
  1. In the Lockdown profile configuration dialog box, click Templates to open the Edit Menu Template List dialog box.
    See Customizing Lockdown Menu Templates for more information on Lockdown Menu Templates.
  2. From the menu template list, select the menu template you plan to use with this lockdown profile configuration and click Edit to open the Lockdown Menu Template Editor.
  3. In the style section of the menu template, copy in the following CSS block:
    	 position: absolute;
    	 top: 5px;
    	 right: 25px;
    	 text-align: center;
    	 color: white;
    	 border-radius: 10px;
    	 background-color: red;
    	 width: 20px;
    	 font-weight: bold;
  4. In a div class="row" section, copy the following line as a new entry: <li><a href ="<MCLinkX>"><img src="<MCDispImgX>" /><div class="txt"><MCDISPX></div></a><MCNotificationX></li>
    Where the X in MCLinkX, MCDispImgX, MCDISPX, and MCNotificationX represents the position of the menu item in the Lockdown menu item list. i.e. if the notifications menu item was third in the lockdown menu item list, replace MCLinkX with MCLink3.
  5. Save the new template and finish configuring the Lockdown profile configuration.


When Lockdown mode is enabled on your devices, notifications for all the authorized apps will appear in one location.