Creating a Profile

Before you begin

Tip: If using packages in your profile, upload them to SOTI MobiControl before beginning this procedure.

About this task

Use profiles to send device settings and software to your device.

To create a profile:


  1. In the console, click the main menu button and select Profiles from the dropdown menu to enter the Profiles view.
  2. Click the New Profile button in the top right corner and select a platform from the dropdown list.
    You can only create profiles for a single platform at a time.
  3. In the Add Profile dialog box, enter a name and description for your profile.
    The name and description will be visible to the device user.
  4. Some platforms have device sub-types. If applicable, select the type of device from the Type dropdown list.
    • Android Plus contains Android Enterprise, Samsung KNOX, and Android Plus
    • Apple contains iOS, macOS User Profile, and macOS Device Profile
    • Windows Modern contains Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, and Windows HoloLens
  5. Move to the Configurations tab of the Add Profile dialog box and click the Add button. Select a profile configuration from the dropdown list.
    For information on specific configurations, see Profile Configurations.
  6. Configure the profile configuration and click OK to save your settings.
  7. Repeat for any additional profile configurations you want to add to the profile.
Continue to the next step if you're using packages. Otherwise, skip to the final step.
  1. Move to the Packages tab of the Add Profile dialog box and click the Add button.
    If you have not previously added a package to SOTI MobiControl, go to Packages for more information. You can save the profile as a draft and complete it later.
  2. Select which packages to add to this profile from the list of available packages in the Add Package dialog box.
  3. Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to edit the package order. Click OK when you are satisfied with the order of your packages.
    Package order determines installation order.
  4. Optional: If your packages must be installed in a specific order, click Action then Define Package Dependencies in the Add Profile dialog box.
  5. Click OK once your package dependencies are set.
  6. Click Save and Assign to assign the profile to your devices immediately or Save to save the profile and assign it later.


You've finished creating a profile. All profiles are visible in the Profiles view.