Assigning a Profile

About this task

Assigning a profile pushes its settings down to your devices. You can assign a profile immediately after creating it or create a profile and then assign it separately.

To assign a profile to devices:


  1. In the Profiles view, click on a profile's name to open its Profile Information panel.
  2. Click the Assign button from the Profile Actions list.
  3. In the Assign Profile dialog box, configure the Device/Device Groups that you want it to target, the Filter Criteria that you want to use to narrow which devices it affects, and any other Options such as installation methods and schedules.
    Tip: For profiles with large packages, consider setting a package installation window that restricts the time frame in which the package will begin installation on the device.
  4. When you're finished, click Assign.


Your profile will target your devices according to the specified assignment criteria.

Note: If your profile fails to install across multiple devices, it may indicate a flawed configuration or a missing dependency. Edit the profile and assign it again. Otherwise, you can use Retry Installation in the Profile Actions list in the Profile Information panel. This forces devices where the profile is Failed or Partially Installed to attempt to reinstall the profile.