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Use the Lockdown profile configuration to control the functionality of your devices. When a device is in Lockdown mode, device users can only access applications and device features authorized by SOTI MobiControl administrators. Some platform differences apply.

Tip: Consider using a Feature Control profile configuration with Lockdown to further control device features.

To configure a Lockdown profile configuration:


  1. Create a new profile. On the Profiles view, click New Profile and choose the platform of the devices you want to apply Lockdown to.
  2. Add an Authentication profile configuration with a Device Administrator Password configured.
    The Device Administrator Password can override and dismiss the lockdown mode on the device as needed. You can also configure a User Password Policy. If you do not specify user password policy, device users can access the lockdown menu immediately after turning on the device.
    Note: For Windows Desktop Classic devices, authentication is configured within the Lockdown profile configuration itself.
  3. Click Lockdown to open the Lockdown profile configuration.
    Important: There are two types of lockdown: device control or speed control. Device control applies lockdown settings continually while speed control applies lockdown when the device exceeds the speed specified in the profile configuration. You can choose to configure only device control or use both. However, when speed control is active, it overrides any settings specified in device control.
    Device control and speed control tabs within the Lockdown profile configuration.
  4. On either the Device Control or Speed Control tab, click New to add a new menu item.
    Menu items are the authorized apps that will be available when a device is in lockdown mode. Device Control menu items and Speed Control menu items are entirely separate from each other. If you're using both Device Control and Speed Control and you want to restrict to the same menu items for both, you must enter information for them in both menus.

    Options differ across platforms.

  5. Repeat with the rest of the menu items that you want to appear on the device.
  6. For Speed Control only: Click Advanced to set the speed range during which lockdown will engage. You can also set scripts to execute when the device enters or exits speed control.
  7. Choose an HTML template that will display the menu items on the device when it's in lockdown mode. You can use one of the SOTI MobiControl provided templates or create your own templates.
  8. Once you're satisfied with your device control or speed control settings, click OK to save the Lockdown profile configuration to the profile, alongside the Authentication profile configuration (on non-Windows Desktop Classic platforms).

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