Configuring Windows Notification Services

Before you begin

You must have registered a dummy Windows Store app in the Window Dev Center. See Push Notification Support for Device Management on Microsoft's Developer Resources Portal.

You only need to upload the app to the Windows Store, not publish it. See How to Authenticate with the WNS for more information.

Note: You will need to input identifying information for the dummy app. See Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Push Functionality for information on where to find values for Package SID and Client Secret. Use our Windows Companion for SOTI MobiControl to extract the Package Family Name (PFN).

About this task

To enable Windows Notification Services in SOTI MobiControl for your Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 devices:


  1. On the All Platforms tab, select the Servers tab.
  2. Under the Global Settings, click the wrench icon beside Windows Notification Services Configuration.
  3. Fill in the fields of the Windows Notification Services (WNS) Management dialog box.
  4. Click OK to enable WNS and close the dialog box.


Windows Notification Service notifications are now enabled in SOTI MobiControl. The device must check in at least once before you can push WNS notifications to that device. To download a list of the FQDNs, VIPs and IP address ranges used by WNS, refer to Windows Notification Service (WNS) VIP and IP Ranges.