Enabling Automatic Server Discovery

You can ease the enrollment process for Windows Modern devices by creating a DNS record that maps to your SOTI MobiControl server.

During the enrollment process, a Windows Modern device requests for the user's email address. Automatic Discovery takes the domain portion of the email address, prepends the subdomain "enterpriseenrollment", and then does a lookup to locate that server so it can attempt a connection. Creating a DNS record that maps back to your SOTI MobiControl server allows devices to automatically detect the server and connect.

Create a DNS entry for enterpriseenrollment.MyCompany.com. If possible, use a CNAME record when creating the enterprise enrollment record. CNAME allows you to direct traffic to an A record, which would be your server's fully qualified domain name.

The Windows Modern device will attempt a connection over SSL (HTTPS) on port 443. If the server certificate is not trusted by the device, the request will fail over to a non-SSL (HTTP) connection on port 80.

Check with your DNS administrator/provider for information on how to create the enterprise enrollment record.