Enrolling Windows Modern Phone Devices

Before you begin

You can simplify the enrollment process by configuring your server to allow your devices to automatically discover the SOTI MobiControl server. This step is optional and enrollment can proceed without it.

Note: Windows Phone 8.1 requires the SOTI MobiControl server to have a fully qualified SSL certificate. Wildcard certificates are not supported by Microsoft for managing Windows Modern devices. The use of an untrusted SSL certificate on the SOTI MobiControl server will result in a warning on the device during the enrollment. The Windows Modern device attempts to validate the source to ensure that the certificate has not been revoked, and this is not possible with untrusted certificates. It is recommended that a third party trusted certificate is used.

About this task

Note: This is the procedure for enrolling phones. See Enrolling Windows Modern Desktop Devices for desktops or Enrolling Windows Modern HoloLens Devices for HoloLens devices.

To enroll your Windows Modern Phone devices into SOTI MobiControl:


  1. On the device, open the Settings application and scroll down to Workplace.
    On Windows Phone 8.0 devices this is called Company Apps.
  2. On the Workplace screen, select Add Account to begin the enrollment process.
  3. Enter the email address of your Active Directory credentials. If the device is successful in automatically discovering the SOTI MobiControl Server, you will be asked to enter the password that matches the email address and the fields are automatically populated upon successful authentication.
  4. If the device did not automatically find the SOTI MobiControl server, it will prompt you for the SOTI MobiControl server address. Enter the server address as the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or as a publicly reachable IP address.
    Using the FQDN is recommended whenever possible.
  5. Enter your AD password, username and domain and click sign in. Then click Done when the sign in is successful.


Your device is now enrolled in SOTI MobiControl.

Tip: Tap SOTI MobiControl to view the details of the connection, refresh the policies, or remove the connection.