Upgrading the Firmware of Samsung Devices

Before you begin

Your devices must be enrolled in E-FOTA to perform this action.

About this task

To upgrade the operating systems of Samsung devices using E-FOTA:


  1. Select the devices whose operating systems you want to upgrade and click the Upgrade Firmware button in the Device Actions menu bar.
    Click the More button to see the full device actions list.
  2. In the Upgrade Firmware dialog box, ensure the device information is correct.
  3. Select an option from the Target Firmware dropdown list
    Keep Firmware Up To Date Select this option and your devices install new firmware as it becomes available.
    Specific Firmware Select a specific firmware to send to your device. Once upgraded, the device will remain on this firmware version (even if a newer version becomes available) until the next time you initiate a firmware upgrade.
  4. Optional: If you selected a specific firmware version, you can set a schedule during which the update will be sent to the device.
    1. Click Not Configured to open the date and time picker.
    2. Click Save to set the schedule.
    Note: If you do not set a schedule, the firmware will be pushed down to the device immediately.
  5. If applicable, expand the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see why the firmware of some of the selected devices cannot be updated.
  6. Click Upgrade Firmware.


Your devices will receive updates according to your settings.

You can monitor the status of the update in the Device Information panel, under the Firmware Upgrades section of the Device Details tab.