Routing Traffic Through a Proxy Server

Control Internet traffic and access to your internal resources using the Enterprise Resource Gateway (ERG) proxy server. The proxy server receives all client requests and authenticates them based on Client Exchange / Device ID and other parameters. It then forwards the request to the desired destination server.

You can use ERG with SOTI Hub on-premises repositories and Exchange email servers.

At a high level this is how ERG works:

  1. You establish criteria against which client requests are accepted or denied.
  2. A client makes a request to a repository or Exchange email server using the URL of the proxy server such as
  3. A proxy server controlled by SOTI MobiControl receives the request.
  4. The proxy server forwards authorized requests.

To set up ERG, you need to:

  1. Check system requirements.
  2. Set up Application Request Routing and URL Rewrite.
  3. Configure the Root Certificate.
  4. Install ERG.
  5. Configure ERG.
  6. Set Up the IIS Module.
Note: Whenever you upgrade SOTI MobiControl, you must also upgrade your ERG. Re-install ERG using the ERG setup file provided with the updated SOTI MobiControl Console.