Using the Self Service Portal

The SOTI MobiControl Self Service Portal provides administrators with a way to allow device users to accomplish basic tasks for any devices associated with their account. Within the Self Service Portal, device users can locate, lock, send messages to and remotely wipe their own devices. Devices must have been enrolled using LDAP authentication to appear in the Self Service Portal. You can also manually associate a device to an LDAP user after enrollment.

Although a Self Service Portal is automatically set up with every installation of SOTI MobiControl, device users cannot access it until permission is granted in SOTI MobiControl. To authorize device user access to the Self Service Portal, you must change their permissions on the Security tab.

Note: You can customize the Self Service Portal's branding and device behaviour after a device user unenrolls their device through SOTI MobiControl.

Accessing the Self Service Portal

Log into the Self Service Portal using your LDAP credentials.

The web address for the Self Service Portal differs depending on your installation of SOTI MobiControl.

If Use
You are using SOTI MobiControl 12.4 or earlier https://server.domain.tld/mobicontrol/m
You are upgrading to SOTI MobiControl 13.0 or later from a previous version https://server.domain.tld/mobicontrol/m
You are using a completely new installation of SOTI MobiControl 13.0 or later https://server.domain.tld/ssp