Finding Incidents

About this task

You can use filters and search terms on the incident dashboard to quickly locate an incident.

As soon as you select a filter or specify a search term, the number of incidents that match the filter and search settings are displayed in the round category buttons at the top of the incident dashboard. You can then click a category button to further refine the incident list.

Note: Some of the options described here are available only to users whose SOTI XSight role is Administrator or Technician. Those whose role is Reporter may have limited access, depending on the system configuration. For information about groups and roles, see Configuring Roles Within Groups.


  1. In the top left corner of the incident dashboard, from the Groups drop-down list, select the group whose incidents you want to view. The default is "All" (for all groups). For information about groups, see Configuring Roles Within Groups.
  2. At the top of the incident dashboard, select one of the available incident filters: My Incidents, Unassigned Incidents, Unresolved Incidents, or Resolved Incidents, All Incidents.
    If you select Resolved Incidents, the Incident Status chart is not displayed.
  3. At the top of the incident dashboard, enter a search term, then press Enter.
    SOTI XSight searches the following incident fields for matches: Reporter, Assignee, Subject, ID, and Description.
  4. In the Charts section, click one of the category buttons: Due Today, Overdue,Open, or Pending. Only the incidents that belong to that category are displayed in the incident list.
  5. In the Charts section, click a user in the Assignees list. Only the incidents that are currently assigned to that user are displayed in the incident list.


When the incident you are looking for is displayed in the list, click on it to open the incident details view.

To close the incident details view and return to the incident dashboard, click the arrow (ß) to go back to the main Incident Management dashboard.

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