Purging Incidents

About this task

This page enables you to permanently purge incidents and all related artifacts, including notes and attachments, from SOTI XSight.

To permanently remove user data from SOTI XSight or to export user data to a file:


  1. Log into SOTI XSight as an administrator.
  2. On the menu bar, click the menu button Menu button and select Settings. The Settings view opens.
  3. On the left side of the Settings view, click Privacy.
  4. To purge a single incident, type the ID or subject of the incident you want to permanently remove into the Purge single incidentfield. As you start typing in this field, a list of matching incidents appears. As you enter more characters of the list is reduced.
  5. When you find the incident in the list that you want to remove, click to select it. The Purge Incident button is displayed.
  6. Warning: This operation is final and cannot be rolled back.
    Click Purge Incident to permanently remove the selected incident and all associated artifacts from SOTI XSight.
  7. Warning: This operation is final and cannot be rolled back.
    To purge all resolved and deleted incidents that have not been updated for a specified period, enter a specific number of days, months or years then click Purge Incident.