SOTI MobiControl Search

This section of the System Overview dashboard (see System Overview Functionality) displays information about the SOTI MobiControl Search service. Using this information, you can quickly determine which of the Search service nodes are currently online or offline:

  • Status - A color-coded icon, where green means “Online” and red means “Unreachable.”
  • Node Name - The domain name of the server where the SOTI MobiControl Search node is installed. Ideally, this should also be the domain name of the server where the Management service is installed.
  • Uptime - The time during which SOTI MobiControl Search service has been running on the Management server where the node is installed.
  • Memory Usage - The amount of memory consumed by each SOTI MobiControl Search service on a given Management server.
  • Disk Usage - The total hard drive space used by SOTI MobiControl Search node on a given Management server.