Creating Package Projects

About this task

To add contents to a package project:


  1. On the File menu select Create New Package Project to open the New Package wizard (see New Package Wizard).
  2. In the New Package Wizard - Package Information screen, fill in or select an option for each field. Click Next.
    Project Name Enter a name for the project that you want to create.
    Project Location Select the folder where you want to save your project.

    Projects are saved in C:\Users\Username\Documents\MobiControl Packages\ by default.

    Processor Specify the processor of the device. In most cases, you do not need to modify the default ALL setting.
    Platform Select the device platform. In most cases, you can select the ALL setting, rather than a specific platform.
    OS Versions Enter the range of versions of the device on which the package can be deployed. In most cases, you do not need to modify the default settings.
    Note: Android devices running Android Agent versions greater than will ignore the OS version and install the package regardless of the OS version range specified in the package project.
    Version String Enter a version number for the package. For example: 1.0. Update the version number whenever you modify the package and before you upload the modified package to the SOTI MobiControl console.
    Comment [Optional] Enter a brief description for the package.
    Vendor [Optional] Enter name of the vendor.
  3. If you want to add scripts to the package, select when you want them execute during the installation process and the location of the script. Click Next.
    Note: Scripts are only supported on some platforms.
    Pre-Install Script Script is executed before the installation of the other package contents.
    Post-Install Script Script is executed after the installation of the other package contents.
    Pre-Uninstall Script Script is executed before the uninstallation of the other package contents.
    Post-Uninstall Script Script is executed after the uninstallation of the other package contents.
  4. Click Add to choose the type of software or data files you want to add to the package.
    • Add Files
    • Add Folders
    • Add Android apk (Only supported for Android devices)
  5. Update the Destination location if you want the file to be installed in specific place. Be aware that some devices require files to be installed in specific locations.
  6. Click Properties to configure properties for the file.
    Destination on Device Specify the path on the device where the file or folder should be copied to.
    Copy Rule Specify the conditions the package should follow when copying the file to the device.
    • Always copy the file to the device
    • Replace the file on the device if it is older than a file with the same name, or if the file does not exist on the device
    • Copy the file to the device if it does not already exist on the device
    Do not uninstall the file Select this option to force the file to persist on the device even if the package is uninstalled.
    Automatically Run Activity after Install Select this option to launch the file immediately after the package is delivered.
    Add file header (Only applicable to Printers) Adds a file header to files destined to Zebra printers that allows the file to be installed in the E:\ drive of the Zebra printer. Certain files, such as WiFi certificate files, must be installed on the E:\ drive so the printer can use them for connectivity.

    File headers cannot exceed 1024 characters.

    Note: This setting is specific to printers. You must select Printer from the Platform dropdown list on the Package Information screen of the New Package Wizard. Additionally, if you add a WiFi certificate file to this package, then the name of the file must match one of the names listed in Zebra WiFi Certificate Requirements
  7. Click OK once you're finished configuring attributes for the file, folder, or .apk to return to Add Files or Folders.
  8. Repeat for any other files, folders, or .apk files you want to add to this package. Click Next.
  9. Review the Size Settings for the package.
    Space Requirements Select this option to force SOTI MobiControl to check if the targeted device has the available storage space necessary for a successful download and installation of the package.
    Total File Space Required (KB) Displays the combined file size of all the contents in the package, including installation instructions.
    Additional Space Required (KB) Specify any additional space that the contents of the package will need for a successful installation.
    Total Space Required (KB) Displays the combined size of Total File Space Required and Additional Space Required for the final size of the package.
    Prompt on device before installation of package Select this option to display a message on the device prompting the device user to install the package.

    If the device user selects Yes then the package begins installing.

    If the device user selects No then the package is not installed. Package installation will be attempted a set number (five by default) more times according to the device's update schedule. You can also force package installation from the SOTI MobiControl console.

    Message Enter a message that will appear in the message box prompt when the package is delivered to the device.
    Timeout Enter the number of seconds during which the prompt message will remain on the device screen before it is automatically dismissed.
  10. Click Finish.


Package projects and their properties appear on the left panel of Package Studio.