Connect SOTI MobiControl to Microsoft Endpoint Manager

About this task

Connect SOTI MobiControl to Microsoft Endpoint Manager to report device compliance status.

Note: You must be a Global Administrator to manage Microsoft integration configurations.

If you make any changes to the Azure Portal, select Sync in Global Settings to synchronize all updates with SOTI MobiControl and set an Active status.

Conditional Access screen in Global Settings with Sync button highlighted


  1. From the SOTI MobiControl main menu, select Global Settings > Services > Microsoft 365.
  2. Select Add Credentials to create an Azure tenant connection.
  3. Enter a name and Azure tenant ID. To find your Azure tenant ID, go to Azure AD portal and navigate to Menu > Active Directory.
  4. Select Consent on behalf of your organization and select Accept.
  5. Select Accept. The Microsoft Sign In panel displays.
    Review requested permissions
  6. Select an account, then select Accept. A success message displays when Microsoft 365 connects.
  7. Navigate to the SOTI MobiControl web console and select Sync. A success message displays.
    Note: If you navigate back to the compliance partner page in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and select Refresh, the Partner status displays as Active.

What to do next

The next step in integrating Microsoft 365 with SOTI MobiControl is to assign an App policy.