Specify advanced options for this add devices rule while:

Rule Activation/Deactivation Schedule

Activate Date Select a date and time on which the rule will be activated.
Specify Deactivation Time Select this option if you want to select a date and time on which the rule will be deactivated.
Deactivation Date Select a date and time on which the rule will be deactivated.

Rule Filters

Use one or more add devices rule filters to specify which devices are to be targeted by this rule. Only devices that satisfy all of the listed rule filters will be added by the SOTI MobiControl deployment server. See Using Add Devices Rule Filters for more information.

New Opens a menu from which you can select the type of rule filter you want to add to the list.
Edit Enables you to edit the selected rule filter.
Delete Deletes the selected rule filter.

Other Options

These options differ depending on if this is a device enrollment or user enrollment add devices rule.

Enable Rule Enables this add devices rule.
Force SHA-1 Client Certificate Distribution Forces the distribution of SHA-1 client certificates to devices.
Cache Password Caches the LDAP password entered by the device user during enrollment for 10 minutes. During this time profiles that target the device with configurations that require account credentials (Email, VPN, WiFi, etc.) will include the cached password in the configuration to avoid prompting the user for the same credentials repeatedly.
Publish to Enrollment Service Generates an enrollment ID for the device agent. In cases where the agent is downloaded from the iTunes Store, the agent can use the enrollment ID to determine which deployment server it should connect to.

This option is not supported when using user enrollment.

Allow fallback to LDAP if browser unavailable Provides an alternative authentication method for devices that use IdP by allowing authentication to fallback to LDAP if the browser is unavailable.