Size Settings

The Size Settings panel allows you to specify any additional storage space required for the installation of the package and its contents.

Space Requirements Select this option to force SOTI MobiControl to check if the targeted device has the available storage space necessary for a successful download and installation of the package.
Total File Space Required (KB) Displays the combined file size of all the contents in the package, including installation instructions.
Additional Space Required (KB) Specify any additional space that the contents of the package will need for a successful installation.
Total Space Required (KB) Displays the combined size of Total File Space Required and Additional Space Required for the final size of the package.
Prompt on device before installation of package Select this option to display a message on the device prompting the device user to install the package.

If the device user selects Yes then the package begins installing.

If the device user selects No then the package is not installed. Package installation will be attempted a set number (five by default) more times according to the device's update schedule. You can also force package installation from the SOTI MobiControl console.

Message Enter a message that will appear in the message box prompt when the package is delivered to the device.
Timeout Enter the number of seconds during which the prompt message will remain on the device screen before it is automatically dismissed.