.exe File Properties

The .exe file properties dialog box allows you to configure settings for .exe files in package projects.

File Name Displays the name of the file. Click Edit to edit the contents of the file using the default application associated with that file type.
Source Path Displays the file system location of the file.
Destination on Device Specify the path on the device where the file or folder should be copied to.
Copy Rule Specify the conditions the package should follow when copying the file to the device.
  • Always copy the file to the device
  • Replace the file on the device if it is older than a file with the same name, or if the file does not exist on the device
  • Copy the file to the device if it does not already exist on the device
Do not uninstall the file Select this option to force the file to persist on the device even if the package is uninstalled.
Execute this file Select this option to launch the file immediately after the package is delivered.
Wait until the program finishes before continuing Select this option to force installation to wait until the command specified in the preview field finishes executing before continuing with the installation.
Format Customize the command line options that are executed after the file is copied to the device. The %file% macro can be used instead of the actual file name and path.
Preview Displays the command to be executed after the file has been copied to the destination folder. After the Format field has been edited, you must click the Refresh button to update the Preview field.