File Attributes

The File Attributes dialog box allows you to edit the properties and installation instructions of individual files or folders in the package.

Destination on Device Specify the path on the device where the file or folder should be copied to.
Copy Rule Specify the conditions the package should follow when copying the file to the device.
  • Always copy the file to the device
  • Replace the file on the device if it is older than a file with the same name, or if the file does not exist on the device
  • Copy the file to the device if it does not already exist on the device
Do not uninstall the file Select this option to force the file to persist on the device even if the package is uninstalled.
Automatically Run Activity after Install Select this option to launch the file immediately after the package is delivered.
Add file header (Only applicable to Printers) Adds a file header to files destined to Zebra printers that allows the file to be installed in the E:\ drive of the Zebra printer. Certain files, such as WiFi certificate files, must be installed on the E:\ drive so the printer can use them for connectivity.

File headers cannot exceed 1024 characters.

Note: This setting is specific to printers. You must select Printer from the Platform dropdown list on the Package Information screen of the New Package Wizard. Additionally, if you add a WiFi certificate file to this package, then the name of the file must match one of the names listed in Zebra WiFi Certificate Requirements