Assign Profile: Options

Use this dialog box to specify profile assignment options.


Select the profile installation method.

Installation Method Choose how the profile's content are installed on the device:
  • Automatic: the contents of the profiles are automatically installed on the device once the profile is received.
  • Self Serve: the device user chooses which configurations or packages to install.

Profile Scheduled Actions

Specify the time and date on which the profile will be assigned, disabled, or revoked.

Assign Date Enable to select a date and time to assign the profile. If you also enable Delay to next update schedule, the profile will be assigned on the first update check in following the Assign Date.
Disable Date Enable to select a date and time to disable the profile.
Revoke Date Enable to select a date and time to revoke the profile.
Custom Deployment Schedule Set time frames during which the contents of the profile can be installed. You can set multiple time frames. Click the Add button to add a time frame.
Note: If you set both a profile assign date/time and a time frame, and the profile assign date/time does not fall within the time frame, the profile will not be automatically installed. Instead, the profile will only be deployed if the device checks in during the time frame and after the profile assign date has passed. The start of the time frame will not automatically trigger a check in.