Assign (Profile)

Use the Assign dialog box to specify criteria that determine which devices will be assigned the profile - see Assigning a Profile.


Use the Devices tab to select the devices or device groups this profile will be assigned to.

You can search for device group(s) by clicking the Search icon and typing a full or partial group name in the text field that appears. When you select a device group in the left pane, the devices that are enrolled in that group are listed in the right pane. To select or deselect individual devices, click the check box to the left of the device name.

You can click the Search icon and type a complete or partial name of the device group in the text field that appears. If the search finds matches, the initially displayed "all groups" list is replaced with the matching groups. You can return to the "all groups" list by clicking x in the search field. If the search finds no matches, the corresponding text message appears under the search field.


Use the Users tab to select one or more directory service or identity provider groups that will be used to determine which devices are assigned the profile.

You can specify that devices belonging to a directory service or identity provider group are either included in, or excluded from, profile assignment.


Use the Filters tab to further restrict which devices this profile will be assigned to. Filters use the same logic as the Devices search bar to apply criteria.

Click the Add a filter field to activate it. A dropdown list will appear with the extended and device properties that you can use to refine your assignment criteria.

Learn more about crafting complex filters at Advanced Search.

Use the logical and Boolean operators to construct your filters:

  • Use AND to limit assignment to only those devices which meet all the criteria.
  • Use OR allow assignment to any device that meets at least one criterion.
Note: Not all extended or device properties are available for use with filter criteria. Not all filter types are available for all platforms.

To edit a filter, double-click it and then place your mouse cursor beside the filter value to edit the value or click the operator to edit the operator.

To remove a filter, click it and once it turns blue, click Delete.