Log Maintenance

Use the Log Maintenance page to:

Truncation and Archival Rules

By default, two days worth of the following logs are stored in the main SOTI MobiControl database MobiControlDB:

  • User Generated
  • Device Generated
  • Server Generated
  • System Generated

Each night at midnight (local time of the management service), older logs are moved to the archive database MobiControlDB_Archive. When the nightly maintenance moves a day's worth of logs to the MobiControlDB_Archive, it deletes the oldest day's logs from the archive database.

The following logs are never moved to the MobiControlDB_Archive database; by default, they remain in the main database indefinitely:

  • Alerts
  • App Logs

You can define rules for truncating the logs from whichever database they reside in (main or archive) and archiving them to text files. You can also define how long the logs are kept in these text files.

Data Truncation and Archival Toolbar

The toolbar is located in the top right corner of the page; it includes three icons:

Truncate User, Device and System Logs

Truncate User, Device, Server, and System Logs

Click to immediately truncate (without archiving) device, system, server, and user logs.

Truncate Alerts

Truncate Alerts

Click to immediately truncate (without archiving) alert logs.

Truncate App Logs

Truncate App Logs

Click to immediately truncate (without archiving) application logs.

Truncation and Archival by Log Type

The following fields and controls appear for each log type:

Data Type Displays the log type.
Truncate Data Older Than Define the age at which the data must be truncated from the database:
  • On the left, type the number of time units.
  • On the right, select a time unit.
Archive Select "Yes" to archive the truncated data to files.
Toggle Turn off the toggle to never truncate or archive logs of this type to files.

File Archival Settings

The following fields and controls enable you to define how logs are archived to files:
Note: These files may contain sensitive and personal information. You must store them in a well-protected location. It is your organizations's responsibility to restrict access to the exported files.
Archive Folder Turn on the toggle to enable file archiving. When you do, the Folder Path field appears.
Folder Path Enter the a local or network path to the folder where you want to save the archived files.
Delete Archives Turn on the toggle to enable automated deletion of archive files based on their age. When you do, the Older Than controls appear.
Older Than Select the time unit and the number of these units. Files older than the defined age will be deleted during nightly maintenance.

Device Auto-deletion Settings

The following fields and controls enable you to make SOTI MobiControl automatically delete devices that have not connected to SOTI MobiControl longer than the specified period:

Note: Deleting a device removes it from SOTI MobiControl management.
Delete Offline Devices Turn on the toggle to enable automatic device deletion. When you do, the Offline More Than controls appear.
Offline More Than Select the time unit and the number of these units. Devices that remained offline longer than the period you have defined will be removed from SOTI MobiControl management.
Permanently Delete Devices After Web Console Deletion Turn on the toggle to enable permanent device deletion. This removes all records of a device from the SOTI MobiControl database once it is deleted from the console.

Once you have made changes that require saving, you are prompted to Save or Cancel them.