Enrollment Rules

Use the Enrollment Rules page to specify a default add devices rule for each device platform. Device users can then enroll their devices by navigating to the launch point URL. For details, see Adding a Unified Enrollment Launch Point.

Platform-specific enrollment rules For each platform, select a default add devices rule from the drop-down.
Enrollment URL

Displays the enrollment URL for the unified enrollment. Copy this URL and send it to a device. The device navigates to the URL, and the device user has the option of enrolling their device (using the default add devices rule for the device platform) or logging into the Self Service Platform.

Note: You can override the default add devices rule by appending the enrollment ID of another rule to the end of the launch point URL.
Linux Shell Command Copy the command and run it in the Linux terminal to enroll a Linux device in SOTI MobiControl.

Once you have made changes that require saving, you are prompted to Save or Cancel them.