Installing ERG

Before you begin

This is the third step of setting up the Enterprise Resource Gateway. Complete the previous step, Configuring the SOTI MobiControl Root Certificate for ERG, before you begin this procedure.


  1. Open a SOTI MobiControl console. On the All Platforms tab, select the Servers tab.
  2. On the Servers tab, right-click Enterprise Resource Gateways (located in the upper left corner) and select Download Enterprise Resource Gateway Setup File.
    If you plan to install ERG on multiple servers, you must perform this step separately for each server. A unique client certificate is generated for each instance of the ERG setup file. If you use the same setup file on multiple servers, only the first server will appear in the SOTI MobiControl console.
  3. Copy the ERG setup file, EnterpriseResourceGateway.exe, to the computer where you want to install ERG.
  4. Run EnterpriseResourceGateway.exe as an administrator.
    The setup file extracts the following two files to C:\Program Files (x86)\SOTI\XAS:
    • mcxas.ini : The ERG configuration file
    • Soti.MobiControl.ProxyFilter.dll : the 64-bit version of the ERG dll

    The setup file also installs the client certificate in the Personal Certificates store. You will need to provide Everyone with Full Control permissions to this certificate.

Perform these steps in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  1. In the left tree-view panel, go to Console Root > Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates
  2. Right-click on the client certificate and select All Tasks > Manage Private Keys to open the Permissions dialog box.
  3. In the Permissions dialog box, click the Add to add an Everyone user group.
  4. Give the newly created Everyone group, Full Control permissions and click Apply to save your changes.

What to do next

Proceed to the next step of setting up ERG, Setting Up the IIS Module.