Controlling System Updates on Android Plus Enterprise Work Managed Devices

About this task

To control when system updates (both security and full operating system updates) are installed on devices:


  1. In the Profiles view, select New Profile.
  2. In the Create Profile dialog box, enter a name for the profile and move to the Configurations tab. Select Add > System Update Policy.
  3. Choose an installation policy.
    Automatic Allows system updates to proceed on the device as soon as they are available.
    Windowed Restricts the installation of system updates to the specified time period.

    Set the Starting and Ending times of the window.

    Postponed Delays the installation of system updates for 30 days, after which the device user is prompted to install the update.
    Note: The 30 day timer will reset if a new update becomes available while a previous update is being postponed.
  4. Set an annual OTA update freeze period. Under Update Schedule, select the Add button to display a table where you can create an annual window during which system updates are not applied to the device regardless of what is set in the Installation Policy section.
    Choose a start date and an end date with the calendar pickers. You can add multiple freeze periods. Freeze periods cannot exceed 90 days or overlap. Additionally, they must be separated by at least 60 days from another freeze period. That is, if you set a freeze period of January 01 to January 31, the next earliest freeze period that you can set is April 02.
  5. Click Save when you're done.