Installing Android Device Plugins

Before you begin

Add any applicable SOTI MobiControl device plugins to your SOTI MobiControl database. See Downloading New Android Plugins for instructions.

About this task

To download and install the latest SOTI MobiControl device plugins on your devices:


  1. Specify which networks your devices can use to download the device plugin.
    • If adding a device plugin to a single device, click on the device where you want to install a plugin to open its Device Information panel.
    • If adding device plugins to multiple devices within a single device group, right-click on the device group with the devices where you want to install plugins and select Advanced Configurations to open its Group Information panel.
  2. Open Agent and Plugin Upgrade Settings.
  3. Enable the networks over which you want to permit devices to download plugins and click OK to save your settings. Close the Details dialog.
  4. Select the devices and in the Device Actions menu bar, click More > Install Device Plugin. If a warning message appears at the bottom of the dialog box, click it to see why some of the selected devices will not allow plugin installations.
  5. Click Install Device Plugin.
    This action will perform a device agent restart as part of the device plugin installation.