KNOX License Manager

Use the KNOX License Manager dialog box to view information on or change licenses for Samsung Knox Workspace containers.

Important: These Samsung Knox licenses are strictly for Samsung Knox Workspace containers and do not apply to Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.


Use the Orders tab to view information on current licenses such as the number of used, available, or total licenses.

Note: There are two types of Samsung Knox Workspace license: Perpetual or Monthly. Refer to Samsung Knox License Manager for details on the differences between the license types.


Use the Orders tab to modify Samsung Knox Workspace container licenses available to use for SOTI MobiControl.

Add Click the Add button to open the Add Knox License dialog box where you can add new Samsung Knox Workspace licenses to SOTI MobiControl.
Edit Click the Edit button to open the Edit Knox License dialog box where you can modify existing Samsung Knox Workspace licenses.
Delete Click the Delete button while an order is selected to remove those licenses from SOTI MobiControl.
Enable/Disable Click the Enable or Disable button (depends on current status of the selected order, to changes the Enabled status of the license key.

Allow container creation for devices which do not support Attestation: When enabled, you can create Samsung Knox Workspace containers on devices that do not support Samsung Attestation, which is a Samsung service that verifies the integrity of a device by ensuring it has not been rooted and is not running unofficial firmware.