Scanning a Device for Viruses

Before you begin

Update the device's virus definitions before performing a virus scan to achieve the best results.

About this task

To perform a virus scan on a device:


  1. Select the device(s) that you want to scan for viruses and click the Scan for Viruses icon in the Device Actions menu bar.
    Click the More menu button to see the full device actions list.
  2. In the Scan for Viruses dialog box, enable Quick Virus Scan to perform a scan that limits its scan to the areas of your device that malicious software is most likely to infect.
  3. If applicable, click the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see why SOTI MobiControl cannot run a virus scan on some of the selected devices.
  4. Click Scan for Viruses.


Results of the virus scan appear in the Device Information panel.

Note: Initiating a full scan while a quick scan is in progress will override the ongoing quick scan. A full scan reviews all files on your device's hard disk and any running programs.