Windows Modern HoloLens Profile Configurations

Configurations are added to profiles to push device settings down to devices. Use the tables below to see the configurations that are available on this platform.

Important: On devices using Azure AD that support multiple user accounts, the user information is updated in SOTI MobiControl whenever the device checks in. If you push a profile configuration that is aimed a specific user rather than the entire device, SOTI MobiControl will only push the profile when it detects the specified user as the active user on the device.
Important: With the exception of Root certificates, these profile configurations are only available to HoloLens for Business devices, not HoloLens. Hover over Applicable Editions in each dialog box for more information on version compatibility.


Configuration Description
Authentication Enforces administrator and user password policies.
Certificates: Client PFX Distributes Client PFX certificates to your devices.
Certificates: Root Distributes Root certificates to your devices.
SCEP Configures devices to obtain certificates from a SCEP server.


Configuration Description
Application Run Control Restricts which applications can operate on your devices.
Assigned Access: Kiosk Mode Configures custom single app kiosk display settings for your devices.
Assigned Access: Configurations Configures custom multi-app kiosk display settings for your devices.
Feature Control Disables specific device features such as camera, Bluetooth, and others.


Configuration Description
Modern VPN: VPN Native Profile Configures VPN account settings for your devices using the Native profile.
Modern VPN: VPN Plugin Profile Configures VPN account settings for your devices using the Plugin profile.
WiFi Configures WiFi settings on your devices.