Windows Mobile/CE Profile Configurations

Configurations are added to profiles to push device settings down to devices. Use the tables below to see the configurations that are available on this platform.


Configuration Description
Authentication Enforces administrator and user password policies.
Certificates Distributes digital certificates to your devices.
File Encryption Activates encryption to protect files stored on your devices and, where applicable, their SD cards.
Out of Contact Determines an automatic action that occurs when a device has not connected to the deployment server in a specified amount of time.


Configuration Description
Application Run Control Restricts which applications can operate on your devices.
Feature Control Disables specific device features such as camera, Bluetooth, and others.
Lockdown Configures custom kiosk display settings for your devices.
Phone Calls Places restrictions on incoming or outgoing calls.

Email, Contacts, & Calendars

Configuration Description
Email Configures email account settings for your devices.


Configuration Description
WiFi: Fusion Configures Fusion WiFi account settings on your devices.
WiFi: Fusion Options Configures further options for Fusion WiFi accounts.
WiFi: ZeroConfig Configures ZeroConfig WiFi account settings on your devices.