Approving Managed Google Play Apps

Before you begin

You must have added either a Google Managed Enterprise or a Google Domain to SOTI MobiControl.

About this task

Managed Google Play applications must be approved by the administrator of the Google Managed Enterprise or Domain before they can be added to application catalog rules. You can approve applications through SOTI MobiControl while creating an application catalog rule or externally, though the Managed Google Play Store.

Note: This procedure is only applicable if you are sending Managed Google Play applications to Android devices that are work managed or have a work profile enabled.

To approve managed Google Play applications through the application catalog rule:


  1. In the Application Catalog rule wizard, select Managed Google Play Applications as the application type and click Sync Apps to synchronize SOTI MobiControl and Google servers.
    Make sure you have the right Binding selected.
  2. Click Managed Google Play to open the Managed Google Play Store portal and search for the apps you want to approve.
  3. Approve the app and click Select to add it to the application catalog rule.
  4. Repeat as necessary to approve and add more apps until you're satisfied.
  5. Finish configuring the application catalog rule.