Updating LDAP User Information

SOTI MobiControl stores information about LDAP users such as their name, telephone number, and group memberships for any device in the system that has an associated LDAP user. The LDAP Refresh Interval settings allows you to specify how frequently SOTI MobiControl updates this information for an LDAP user.

The default and recommended frequency is every day, and it should not be more frequently than the most frequent Update Schedule. The LDAP refresh is performed during device checkin where the device has an associated user that has LDAP information older than the defined frequency value. LDAP information for a user may therefore be out of date if a user’s device is not communicating with the SOTI MobiControl server. Users with multiple devices are updated if any of their devices check in.

If you perform a manual check in of a device, it overrides the LDAP refresh interval to update LDAP information.