Fixing Search Indexing Errors

About this task

In the event that your database index does not match the devices displayed in the SOTI MobiControl console, you can force an integrity check to synchronize the components.

To set up a regular search indexing process:


  1. On the All Platforms tab, go to the Servers tab.
  2. Under Global Settings, click the wrench icon beside SOTI MobiControl Search Sync Interval.
  3. In the Search Sync Interval dialog box, choose a frequency from the Every drop-down list.


SOTI MobiControl will perform an integrity check and synchronization with the database according to the set frequency.

Note: Occasionally, Integrity may report as less than 100%. This can occur as a result of device volatility, that is, some devices are in the process of reporting their status while the SOTI MobiControl search update is running.