Enrolling macOS Devices Using a SOTI MobiControl Certificate

Before you begin

If the certificates bound to "Deployment Server Extensions and Web Console" and "macOS Profile Signing" are trusted third-party certificates and the setting "Require Trust Profile During Enrollment" is turned off, follow the instructions of Enrolling macOS Devices Using a Third-Party Certificate.

You must have created an add devices rule that establishes enrollment settings before you can complete this procedure.

Note: Choose the user account that you use to enroll to SOTI MobiControl carefully. Certain configuration settings can be applied to either the entire device, regardless of user account, or solely to the enrollment user account.

About this task

To enroll your macOS devices using the Enrollment Web Service:


  1. On the Apple tab, select the Rules tab.
  2. Select the add devices rule that you want to use for enrolling macOS devices and make sure its details are displayed in the Information section. Make a note of the Enrollment URL.
  3. On your macOS device, open Safari and enter the Enrollment URL in the address bar.
    If you receive a popup stating that the browser cannot verify the server identity, click Continue to ignore it and proceed to the macOS Enrollment Service web page.
  4. If the add devices rule was configured with LDAP, enter the applicable credentials.
  5. Click Step 1 to begin downloading the SOTI MobiControl Trust Profile.
    This profile installs the SOTI MobiControl Root CA certificate on your macOS device. It is required to verify the SOTI MobiControl Management Profile.
    The macOS Profile Manager application will open to continue the installation of the SOTI MobiControl Trust and Management profiles.
  6. Click Install to initiate the download. Once the Trust Profile has finished downloading, click Install again to install the Trust Profile and continue with the enrollment process.
  7. Click Step 2 to download the SOTI MobiControl Management Profile. Click Allow and then Install and then Install again to install the SOTI MobiControl management profile.
    When you click Install, you will receive a warning message with a brief description of the purpose of the SOTI MobiControl Management Profile. Click Trust to continue.
  8. The installation process of the SOTI MobiControl Management Profile includes several automatic steps that require no user interaction. Once the profile has finished installing on your device, click Done.


You will be returned to the Safari browser where you can confirm the successful enrollment of your device.