Using the Apple Device Enrollment Program

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) allows administrators to quickly and easily enroll Apple devices and apply MDM policies with minimal device user interaction. With the DEP, devices can be set to automatically enroll as soon as they are activated. See Apple's support documentation for more information about the DEP.

Once you have purchased devices from Apple (or an authorized reseller) and joined the DEP, you can link your DEP account to SOTI MobiControl and apply SOTI MobiControl device management policies to your devices, before shipping them to the device users. In addition to the basic management policies available to iOS and macOS devices in SOTI MobiControl, the DEP in SOTI MobiControl allows you to skip certain initial setup steps and supervise your devices, granting you more control over your devices.

To use the DEP with SOTI MobiControl, you must sign up for a DEP account and set up a virtual server, linking it to SOTI MobiControl.

Device Enrollment

Use an an add devices rule to enroll DEP devices into SOTI MobiControl. If you are enrolling a previously activated device, you must wipe the device before it can be enrolled in the DEP.

Note: Ensure your Apple devices can access the hosts listed at Apple MDM documentation or SOTI MobiControl will not be able to use Apple Push Notifications.