Adding a Data Source

A data source uses the MobiControl REST API to collect data from devices. Adding a data source in SOTI Insight connects your data to SOTI Insight. Once connected, your data can flow into SOTI Insight and be stored in the data lake, ready for analysis on the dashboards.

To add a new data source to SOTI Insight:

  1. On the menu bar, click the menu button and select Administration.
    The Administration view opens.
  2. In the left pane of the Administration view, click Data Sources.
    The MobiControl Data Sources section opens in the right pane.
  3. In the MobiControl Data Sources section, click the + button at the top right.
    The MobiControl Data Source wizard opens.
  4. In the Instance Information wizard panel, enter the following information required to connect to a MobiControl instance as a data source in SOTI Insight:
    Instance Name Enter a descriptive name for the MobiControl instance.
    MobiControl API URL Enter the URL used to access the MobiControl REST API.
    MobiControl API Client ID Enter the client ID required to use the MobiControl REST API.
    MobiControl API Secret Enter the client secret required to use the MobiControl REST API.
    MobiControl Username Enter the username you want to use to log into MobiControl.
    MobiControl Password Enter the password required for the above username to log into MobiControl.
    When you have finished entering the information, click Test to test the connection. If the test is successful, click Next.
  5. In the Configuration wizard panel, specify the following information:
    Submission Frequency Select how frequently you want this data source to submit any collected data to SOTI Insight.
    Location Collection Frequency Select how frequently you want device location data to be collected and submitted to SOTI Insight.
    Data Upload Select the method this data source will use to submit data from devices: WiFi or Cellular, WiFi Only, or WiFi Then Cellular After Threshold.
    Allow Submission While Roaming Select this option to allow the submission of data from devices that will incur roaming fees.
    When you have finished, click Next.
  6. Before a device can start sending information about itself to SOTI Insight, the device must have the SOTI Insight agent installed, and it must be enrolled in SOTI Insight. In the Enrollment wizard panel, select one of the following options:
    Deploy to MobiControl Click this button to have the SOTI Insight agent wrapped in a MobiControl package (.pcg) file to be deployed on the MobiControl instance you specified on the Instance Information panel. You can then log onto that MobiControl instance, add the package to a MobiControl profile, and push to profile to the devices you want included in this data source.
    Download PCG Click this button to have the SOTI Insight agent wrapped in a MobiControl package (.pcg) file. A file explorer opens, in which you can select where you want to save the MobiControl package.
    When you have finished selecting an option, click Finish to close the MobiControl Data Source wizard.

The new data source now appears in the list of data sources.