Bulk-Add Mappings

About this task

To import group mappings in bulk:


  1. On the menu bar, click the main menu button and select Administration.
  2. In the left pane, select Automatic Group Mappings.
  3. Click Import New Mapping.
  4. Click Upload File and find your bulk mappings file. Click Open.
    Your bulk mappings file is a .CSV format file with each row defining a new mapping, and each row containing the following fields separated by commas:
    First row is header content (It will not be pulled by the bulk-add process)
    Name of mapping Mapping attribute (Only FQDN is valid at this time) Mapping types (Entry should be a list, separated by commas, enclosed in quotes. E.g, "type1, type2, type3") Mapping expression (E.g, "*.xyz.customer.com") Name of the group to map to
    ... ... ... ... ...
  5. Optional: To replace all existing mappings with the ones in the uploaded file, select Delete all existing mappings.
  6. Click Generate.