Registering with a Service

About this task

Note: If you want to automatically approve devices that use an MQTT service, complete the steps in Automatic Approval before you register an MQTT protocol instance.

To register SOTI Connect with a new service:


  1. On the menu bar, click the main menu button and select Administration.
    The Administration view opens, and you can see the list of supported protocols in System Management
  2. In the right pane, hover over the protocol with which you want to register a protocol instance.
  3. Click the menu button that appears on the left side of the row and select Register.
    The Register dialog box opens.
  4. Enter the server address with the other necessary information and click OK.
    You can now see a protocol instance under the protocol you chose.


You have successfully registered a new protocol instance with SOTI Connect and the associated devices are ready to be discovered.

Discovering Devices

Approving Devices

Adding New Devices