Discovering Devices

About this task

Once you have successfully registered a protocol instance with SOTI Connect, the next step is to discover devices.

Note: The device discovery step applies only to REST protocols, not MQTT. So, if you registered an MQTT protocol instance, you can skip this step as SOTI Connect automatically discovered the devices when you registered the protocol instance.

If you update REST PA device firmware and the new version of the firmware changes the device type (for example,<OEM Name> v1 to <OEM Name> v2), you must run Discover Devices on the updated device. This guidance does not apply for MQTT devices.

To discover new devices:


  1. Hover over the recently registered protocol instance.
    Note: The protocol instance must have a status of Running.
  2. Click the menu button that appears on the left side of the row and select Discover Devices.
    A notification appears, stating that SOTI Connect has discovered one or more devices.


The devices have now been successfully discovered by SOTI Connect and are ready to be added.

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