About the Device Snapshot Page

The device snapshot page enables you to view the up-to-date information for a device, even if this device is currently offline. This helps you diagnose the problem and achieve a resolution faster.

On the device snapshot page, you can refresh the snapshot to display the most up-to-date information, as well as save the current snapshot and attach it to the incident for future use.

To display the device snapshot page in a separate window, click the Pop Out tool button.

To move a separate device snapshot window back into the device snapshot page, click the Pop In tool button.

Device Information Snapshot

The following information sections can be displayed on the device snapshot page by clicking the corresponding bookmarks:

Device Details bookmark Device Details: Sections include Cellular Details, Hardware Details, Compliance, and Statuses.
Configurations bookmark Configurations: Sections include Advanced Configurations, Packages, Profiles, and Assigned Rules.
Applications bookmark Applications: Lists all applications on the device.
Security bookmark Security: Lists the certificates on the device and any quarantined items.
Content bookmark Content: Lists any content library files on the device.
Notes bookmark Notes: Lists any notes that have been attached to the device.

Device Snapshot Toolbar

The toolbar that appears on the page provides tools for refreshing the device information, as well as saving the current information snapshot and attaching it to the incident.

Refresh Snapshot tool Requests a device check-in and queries SOTI MobiControl to determine if the device has checked in within the last 10 seconds. If it has, the device snapshot page reloads to display the up-to-date device information. If it has not, an error message displays indicating that the refresh has failed and suggesting that you try again.
Save Device Snapshot tool Saves the device snapshot information and attaches it to the incident.