Resolving Upgrade Issues Related to LDAP Groups

When upgrading SOTI MobiControl to 15.4.1 or a later version, you may encounter issues with previously available LDAP groups missing in the updated user interface.

Conflict Category Category Description Remedy
Missing LDAP groups In the SecurityPrincipal table, LdapConnectionId was null for some of the groups. In previous versions of the SOTI MobiControl interface, LdapConnectionId was not used while listing the groups. In the updated interface, directory groups are now classified as Azure Groups and LDAP Groups. The LdapConnectionId in the SecurityPrincipal table is now required for this classification. After upgrading, get a list of LDAPConnectionID by running the following query: Select * from LdapConnection;, then use the following queries to update LdapConnectionId:

For single LDAP: Update SecurityPrincipal set LdapConnectionId = <desired_ldap_connection_id> where PrincipalType in (2,3,4,5,102)

For multiple LDAP: Update SecurityPrincipal set LdapConnectionId = <desired_ldap_connection_id> where PrincipalName='<Name of the affected LDAP group>';