This wizard panel lists the SOTI MobiControl components that can be installed.

If a feature is not selected, it will not be installed.

Warning: If you are upgrading from a previous version of SOTI MobiControl and one of the component options is not selected, the installer will remove that component from your SOTI MobiControl deployment.
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express A free and lightweight database software for storing device information. If you already have a supported database available, you can deselect this option.
Note: This option may not be visible if the SOTI MobiControl installer detects another database already on the computer.
SOTI MobiControl Web Console The main interface for managing your devices. It is mandatory for configuring security and managing access to SOTI MobiControl.
SOTI MobiControl Deployment Server The core component of SOTI MobiControl, it communicates with devices for enrollment, provisioning, and management purposes.
Browse Select the installation location for SOTI MobiControl. The default destination folder is C:\Program Files\SOTI\MobiCOntrol .