Handling Installation Errors

Common SOTI MobiControl Installation Errors

Tip: Check C:\DBinstall.log on the server with the database. It often has more details about database installation problems and many simple connection and authentication issues are easy to diagnose.

The Installer Didn't Detect My Database

The installer should detect and list any Microsoft SQL Servers that are available on your server or accessible from your network. If you don't see your Microsoft SQL Server instance listed in the SOTI MobiControl installer, try one of the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Check that you're running the installer as an administrator with domain access

  • Add the domain or local host to the server address

  • Check port 1433 for issues. SOTI MobiControl uses port 1433 for communication between the server and the database

I Can't Connect to My Database

If, during installation, you can see the Microsoft SQL Server database but can't connect to it, this may be caused by an authentication or permissions error or a connectivity error.

Verify that you're attempting to connect to the database using an account with the right permissions.

Repairing Installation Errors

If you run into issues after installing or upgrading SOTI MobiControl, you can re-run the SOTI MobiControl setup executable. Ensure that all SOTI MobiControl services (even if they are installed on different computers) are turned off before running the installer.

Warning: If a SOTI MobiControl component is unchecked in the installer, the installer will uninstall that component. Ensure all components that you want to keep installed, are selected.
Note: If the built-in resource files in the SOTI MobiControl database, such as the device agent .cab installation files, need to be re-written to the database to correct a problem, run the installer executable from the command line with the additional parameter -UpdateDB

If your issues persist, contact SOTI Support.