Updating Your Licensing Information

Before you begin

Have your new registration code and licensing information nearby.

About this task

SOTI MobiControl periodically checks SOTI Services for changes to your registration code. If there are changes, the registration code is automatically updated and changes to your device and server licenses are applied. If you need the changes to your licenses to take effect immediately, you can manually update the registration code.

Note: If you have an offline deployment of SOTI MobiControl, follow the instructions at Updating Your Licensing Information (Offline).

To update your SOTI MobiControl registration code:


  1. In the legacy console, go to the upper right and select ? > License Information to open the License Information dialog box.
  2. Click Update to prompt SOTI MobiControl to contact SOTI Services to check for updated licensing information.
    Alternatively, you can manually enter your new registration code into the Registration Code field and click Update.
  3. Verify that your new licensing information is correct.


The License Information dialog box now reflects your updated device and server licenses.