Finding Your Way Around the SOTI MobiControl Console

Easily manage your devices from a single location. With the SOTI MobiControl console, you can enroll, organize, and administer your devices. Familiarize yourself with the SOTI MobiControl console to take your device management to its full potential.

The SOTI MobiControl console is divided into several views, each of which handles a different aspect of device management. To move between views, open the ☰ menu in the upper left corner of the console or, in the legacy console, select a tab along the bottom.

Note: We are currently improving the user interface of the SOTI MobiControl console. During this process, there is a difference in appearance between the previous (or legacy) design and the modern (or next generation) views. Regardless of appearance, all views are fully integrated; actions performed in the next generation console are reflected in the legacy console and vice versa.

Additionally, legacy views have Platform tabs which correspond to device families such as Android Plus, Apple, or Linux. While a Platform tab is selected, you can only perform those activities which are supported by its applicable device family. For example, the content library feature is not supported on Windows CE devices and therefore the entire Content Library view disappears while the Windows Mobile/CE platform tab is selected. Other, more subtle restrictions include hidden panels or context menu options.

View Name Description
Devices Use the Devices view to see your devices and perform actions on those devices.
Servers (Global Settings) Use the Servers view to perform administrative tasks for the SOTI MobiControl console. You can view information on your servers and manage the behavior of the console and its third-party connections.
Note: You can only access the Servers view when the All Platforms tab is active.
Security Use the Security view to handle user accounts for the SOTI MobiControl console. Within it, you can create new users, user groups or pull in existing users and groups from an LDAP or IdP connection. You can also track user activity and set granular permissions for each entity.
Note: You can only access the Security view when the All Platforms tab is active.
Profiles Use the Profiles view to change device settings.
Packages Use the Packages view to upload and manage software packages which you can send to devices.
Rules Use the Rules view to automate device and system activities based on your instructions.
Compliance Policies Use the Compliance Policies view to develop custom policies that determine what characterizes a compliant device in your environment.
(Global) Reports Use the Reports view to generate reports on your devices and SOTI MobiControl deployment.
Content Library Use the Content Library view to access a file storage and distribution system between SOTI MobiControl and your devices.
Note: The Content Library view is only visible when either the Android Plus or Apple platform tabs are active.
Alerts Use the Alerts view to review the status of device or system alerts that you have set up. You can acknowledge or dismiss triggered alerts from this view.
Note: You can only access the Security view when the All Platforms tab is active.