Updating Your Licensing Information (Offline)

Before you begin

Have your new registration code and licensing information nearby.

About this task

Note: This process is only applicable if you have an offline deployment of SOTI MobiControl. Otherwise, follow the instructions at Updating Your Licensing Information.

To update your SOTI MobiControl licensing information:


  1. On a computer that can connect to the internet, open the legacy console. Go to the upper right and select ? > License Information to open the License Information dialog box.
  2. Click Offline.
    You'll be presented with your Registration Code, Installation ID, and Product Version. Ignore the Registration Code provided, as it refers to your old and now obsolete licensing information.
  3. Open a new browser tab and navigate to https://www.soti.net/products/soti-mobicontrol/mobicontrol-retrieve-license/. Enter the requested information.
    Important: Make sure you enter your new registration code, not the one that was shown in the console in the previous step.
  4. Click Get License and save the generated license file to your computer.
  5. Return to the SOTI MobiControl console. In the License Information dialog box, click Browse to navigate to the license file you just generated and upload it to SOTI MobiControl.
  6. Click Finish to update your registration code.


The License Information dialog box now reflects your updated device and server licenses.