Set Up Outbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent for SOTI MobiControl

Before you begin

Disconnect and uninstall any pre-existing SOTI Cloud Link Agent installations.

Email SOTI technical support to initiate the preparation of your SOTI MobiControl cloud tenant for SOTI Cloud Link Agent. Once it's ready, you'll receive a confirmation email.

About this task

Important: Outbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent is only supported on SOTI MobiControl 15.2 or later. If you are running an earlier version of SOTI MobiControl, you must either upgrade your SOTI MobiControl instance or use Inbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent.
Note: If you're using SOTI Identity for user management in SOTI MobiControl, perform the steps at Set up Inbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent for SOTI Identity instead.

However, you cannot use LDAP users pulled into SOTI MobiControl through SOTI Identity for device enrollment. If you do want to use LDAP for device enrollment, you'll need to complete both this procedure and Set up Inbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent for SOTI Identity.

To configure SOTI Cloud Link Agent for SOTI MobiControl:


  1. Download the installer for outbound from the SOTI Downloads page.
  2. Run the installer.
    1. Click Next to start the wizard.
    2. Read the end-user license agreement and select I accept the terms in the license agreement. Click Next.
    3. Enter the file path where you want to install SOTI Cloud Link Agent. Click Next.
      The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\SOTI\CloudLink\.
    4. Click Install to begin the installation.
    5. Click Finish once the wizard is done installing SOTI Cloud Link Agent on your computer to close the wizard.
Configure SOTI Cloud Link Agent
  1. Log into your SOTI MobiControl console and go to the Global Settings view.
  2. Right-click SOTI Cloud Link Agent and select Create SOTI Cloud Link Agent.
  3. Enter a name for the SOTI Cloud Link Agent.
    This name will appear in the SOTI MobiControl console.

    Names may contain alphanumeric characters and the following special characters: - or _.

  4. Select Copy Configuration to copy all the information required to configure SOTI Cloud Link Agent to your computer's clipboard. You may want to paste it in a text editor as well.
  5. Open the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility (see Outbound SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility).
    The default location of the SOTI Cloud Link Agent is C:\Program Files\SOTI\CloudLink\CloudLinkAdminUtility.exe
  6. Click Add to open the Add Connection dialog box.
  7. Paste the configuration strings you copied from the console into the Configuration field, then click Add.