Enterprise Resource Gateway Properties

The Enterprise Resource Gateway Properties dialog box enables you to specify options and settings to restrict external access to enterprise resources.

Gateway Name Enter the name you want to give the Enterprise Resource Gateway.
Gateway URL Enter the URL endpoint for the Enterprise Resource Gateway.
Filter Select the type of filtering you want the Enterprise Resource Gateway to do:
  • Exchange Server: Select this option to filter emails.
  • Content Repositories: Select this option to filter files.

The options displayed in the remaining area of the dialog box depend on the type of filtering you select from the Filter list.

Exchange Server Filter Options

Enable Secure Email Access Select this option to enable secure access to Exchange Server.
Only allow devices enrolled in SOTI MobiControl to access Exchange ActiveSync

When you select this option, it helps limit connections to internal websites to only devices that are both enrolled in MobiControl and use SOTI Surf to browse to the internal webserver. When you deselect this option it will allow any devices using any browser to reach internal webservers. This option does not limit un-enrolled devices from accessing ActiveSync endpoints.

Enterprise Resource Gateway (ERG) is a reverse proxy that performs IIS rewrites to allow access to Microsoft Exchange resources (for example, Outlook Web Access or Active Sync). This functionality exposes your Exchange Server as a public-facing server to the internet through the ERG and can leave the Exchange Server vulnerable to cyber attacks. You should follow all security best practices in the administration of your Exchange Server as detailed in Microsoft's documentation and complete regular software updates when advised to do so.

Device Exchange configuration must be provided by SOTI MobiControl Select this option to specify that the device's Exchange configuration must be provided by SOTI MobiControl.
Allow exemptions for the following Active Directory users/groups This section enables you to specify Active Directory users or groups that you want exempted from the restrictions applied by the Enterprise Resource Gateway.
Add Click this button to add a user or group to the exemption list.
Remove Click this button to remove the selected user or group from the exemption list.
Manage Authorized Devices Click this button to open the Exchange ActiveSync Devices dialog box which lists the devices that are allowed to connect to Exchange via the Enterprise Resource Gateway.

Enterprise Content Filter Options

Enable filtering of network traffic to enterprise content Select this option to restrict which devices can access enterprise content repositories.