Select Apps (Windows - Modern Enterprise)

Use the Select App dialog box to select applications to add to the app policy. You can add apps to a policy while:

App Selection

App Type Select the Modern Enterprise option.
Upload XAP/APPX File Click Browse to select an XAP or APPX file from a local or network filesystem. Alternatively, drag the file and drop it into the field.
Dependencies This section appears if the selected app has dependencies - files such as frameworks and runtimes - it needs to run. It lists the dependencies, along with their status - initially "Missing." Click the Upload icon to open the Upload Dependency dialog box where you can select and upload a dependency file - see Upload Dependency.

Application Information

In this section, you can review application information such as the display name, version, price, seller, and description.

Some fields in this section might be editable. Enter/edit information in these fields as required.

Click Configure to open the Application Configurations dialog box in which you can specify additional configuration settings (see Advanced Configurations (Windows - Modern Enterprise)).